Different Smash Variations

Different Smash Variations

Smash is one of the most common passing concepts out there and a very easy read for the QB. If this is one of your base concepts, there are many different variations and looks you can run with the smash concept which makes it hard on a defense but the reads for the offense remain the same.

Before I start showing some variations let me just draw up your basic 2×2 Smash play:

The outside guys run 4 yard hitch routes and the slots run 10-12 yard corner routes. The QB picks best side and reads the corner. If he bails, the QB throws the hitch. If he squats the QB will look to throw the corner over is head. Here is video of a basic smash concept:

The first variation you can run with smash is tagging the RB on a middle seam route. This is a great tag if your playing a 2 high team and the safeties are overplaying the corners. The slot receivers will occupy the safeties leaving your RB 1 on 1 with the MLB. Every offense loves that match up. Here is a look at Oregon running this variation:

Another variation is tagging the outside receiver on a post route. This variation is also great versus a 2 high defensive team because it attacks the middle of field just like the previous variation. The idea behind this play is to have the slot receivers occupy the safeties on corner routes while one of the outside receivers runs a post rubbing underneath the corner. This again attacks the area behind the Lb’s. Here is a look at that variation:

Here is the same play but from a different formation. This time the wing is tagged on the post.

Here is another one of a high school team I coached in the past:

A similar variation to the one above is calling smash and tag your slot on the post. This is a great way to attack an aggressive 2 high safety especially if you think your slot is better than their safety. Here is a look of at that type of variation:

Another variation of smash is tagging a mesh concept with it. In this variation #1 and #2 to the field still run the smash concept but now #3 runs a mesh concept with the backside wide receiver. The QB’s read remains the same as he will hi/low the corner first but now he has a 3rd option coming from the backside on a mesh play in case the QB doesn’t like his first two reads. This is also great tag if a team mixes in some man because now you get a rub route incorporated into the play. Here is a look at that variation.

You can also tag smash off your boots and nakeds. Again the read is the same for the QB except now you are faking a run before getting into your read. In this case, Oregon fakes outside zone, and the tight end and the wing run the smash concept. The QB again hi/lows the flat player like he always does in smash. The backside receivers run over routes this time since the pocket is moving. Here is a look at smash of naked action:

Here is another clip of Alabama running a smash variation with naked action in the backfield. Their outside wide receiver has a reduced split and runs a corner route while the H-back fakes split zone and goes into the flat and ends up where the hitch route usually is to create a high/low smash read for the QB.

Penn State runs a version off smash off play-action as well without moving the pocket. As you can see the play-fake holds the LB’s so the slot can get a cleaner release on his corner route. But again, the read remains the same for the QB.

As you can see there is a lot of different things you can do with the smash concept, which allows your players to master the techniques associated with smash, and as the coach you can change the presentation of the play.

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