Inside Zone Swing RPO


The inside zone swing RPO is a great way to utilize 20 personnel and get 2 of your running backs on the field at the same time.  Like all RPO’s this play has an answer for anything the defense throws at you and allows your offense to get the ball to the area of the field where you have an advantage. Here is a diagram below:

As you can see above, the offensive line will block inside zone except the backside will block man on the defensive linemen instead of zoning up to the linebacker. They will do this because the QB will account for that LB. If the LB runs with the RB in motion, then the QB will give it. If the LB stays in the box, then the QB will throw the Swing Screen. The other scenario you have to go over with the QB, is if the LB stays in the box and the strong safety rolls down with the motion. In that case, the swing screen no longer has a numbers advantage since it’s 2 on 3 so the QB should look to the X receiver on the gift who will run a hitch or fade vs 1 on 1 coverage.

I analyzed some TCU film to show you some of these different scenarios. The first clip below shows the MLB widening just a little which is a give read for the QB. The displacement of the LB creates a huge seam for the RB who takes it the distance. The RB does a great job pressing the line of scrimmage before cutting back into the void.

The next clip shows the LB staying in the box and not going with the motion so the QB throws the swing. Pre-snap he sees the sam and SS stacked which tips off the Sam is blitzing which still creates the 3 on 2 advantage on the perimeter. The gift on the backside would also have been a viable option.

The last clip shows the defense in a single high look with the SS walked down so the QB knows he doesn’t have the numbers advantage in the box or to the swing side so he takes the 1 on 1 with his X receiver against the DB. The X runs a speed out for the gift instead of the hitch I diagrammed at the top.

As you can see this play has an answer for the multitude of looks the defense can throw at you, which is why almost all high-tempo teams have this play in their package. It’s also a great way to utilize your personnel and get your skills guys in space with a numbers advantage. This play also forces the defense to defend the entire width of the field.

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