North Dakota State’s Jet Power Read

North Dakota State’s Jet Power Read

One of the trendiest plays in college football is the power read play. What’s great about this play is it is still the traditional power blocking upfront that is physical and has great blocking angles but the power read allows you to run the power play from shotgun. The QB rides the RB laterally for two steps and if the end plays upfield the QB runs behind the guard and attacks downhill like the old power play. If the defensive end crashes down hard, the QB will then give to the RB on a sweep, which is why this play is hard to defend because it has two potential options. The other benefit it has from the traditional power play is since the QB and RB are moving laterally, the LB’s may be influenced to move more laterally as well instead of attacking downhill like in traditional I formation power.

North Dakota State runs the traditional power play as well as anybody and run it out of several different formations and incorporate motions, shifts, and different personnel groups. Since North Dakota State likes power so much they have also incorporated the power read play in their system. That’s the great thing about this play is it is nothing new for the linemen up front, just some new ball handling and perimeter blocking for the skill players. Like North Dakota State does with any play, is they find ways to window dress it and incorporate shifts and motions so the defense never has less tendencies on when a play is coming at them. The other thing they have done with this play is incorporating a guy in jet motion to get that player a head of steam getting the ball but also slows down the LB’s decision making and their ability to play downhill.

These first two clips they shift to an unbalanced formation to gain a numbers advantage and since the defensive end is crashing the QB gives the ball to the man in jet motion who gets to the perimeter fast.

The next clip, the defensive end plays upfield so the QB keeps it and runs power. Again they incorporate a shift in to window dress the play but it’s the same power read play.

The last clip I wanted to include was a play-action pass that compliments these jet plays. That’s another great thing North Dakota State does and what makes it difficult to defend them is they have play-action passes that look just like their run game. Here is that clip:

As you can see this is a difficult play to defend in the first place and North Dakota State takes it to the next level by incorporating unbalanced formations, shifts, and motions. The great thing about the power read is you have two plays attacking either the perimeter or the heart of the defense at the same time and the defense has to account for both. Many teams’ best players is the defensive end so this is one of the plays where you don’t even have to block the best player which is always a good thing for the offense. Like I said before North Dakota State is one of the best at running power so if a team comes in with the mindset that they are just going to crash down and spill the power all day, then this play gives them a play to easily get the edge and get a great skill player in space!

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