Ole Miss Naked Flood Concept

Ole Miss Naked Flood Concept

If you have watched Ole Miss play, one of their base plays is the buck sweep. They love to pin the defensive end with a wing or wide receiver in short motion and crack with another receiver who is in a condensed split. Here is an example of that run play:

As a compliment to this play, Ole Miss uses their naked flood concept. When the defense begins to flow hard to the sweep, Ole Miss will comeback to this play to run the flood in the opposite direction. The one difference is, they sell true outside zone instead of using the pullers so the wing can slide behind the line without running into a pulling linemen. Even though it’s not the exact same play, the defense still has to honor the strong run action presented by the line and the backfield. The wing runs a flat route, the slot runs a deep out, the playside outside receiver runs a clear out, and the backside receiver runs an over route. The slot and the flat route create a nice easy high low read for the QB.
Here is a diagram of this play:

In this clip, Ole Miss short motions there outside receiver who then at the snap of the ball slides behind the line on a flat route to create a high low flood concept to the field. Watch how the overhang linebacker bites on the fake as the QB opens away from him, which allows the receiver to outflank him.

This next clip shows Ole Miss hitting the second option on the play. This time the defense jumps the flat route which allows the deeper out route to get behind them.

Here is another one from a different formation with no motion but the concept is the same. The wing slides behind the line on his flat route while the slot runs the deep out and the outside wide receiver clears. The defense jumps the flat on this play as well, and the slot does a great job finding green grass and settling on his out route which results in a touchdown.

The last one is off a fake jet sweep but the concept and the read for the QB is the exact same.

This play is a great compliment to almost any run, and a great way to have some misdirection to counter an aggressive defense that flows well. These clips also show you the versatility of this play as you can get an in idea of how you can use different formations and motions and with this play.

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