Post Wheel Play-Action off the Jet Sweep

Post Wheel Play-Action off the Jet Sweep

One play that is becoming extremely popular in college football is the jet sweep. It’s a great play that stretches the defense horizontally and changes the offensive strength right at the snap which makes it very difficult for the defense to adjust. Many teams will adjust with the jet motion by either spinning the safety down, rolling to 3 Cloud, or some other adjustment to gain another guy in run support to stop the jet sweep. With that being said, a great adjustment to counter these run adjustments by the defense is
to fake the jet sweep and run the post wheel combination. The post will occupy the deep player and the wheel route goes vertical quickly against some type of force defender coming down hard to stop the sweep. If the force player is able to turn and run with the wheel then the player who fakes the jet sweep is a great option in the flat.

In this first clip, James Madison runs the post wheel against Youngstown State in the 1AA Championship. Youngstown sees the Jet Sweep and appears to roll to 3 Cloud with the motion. This lets the corner to the boundary play the Jet in run support and then the safety plays over the top. Despite the defensive adjustment, the post wheel is still effective verse this look. The post occupies the safety which allows the tight end to run the wheel right down the sideline past the clouded corner who is looking to stop the jet sweep. This play results in a TD.

In this next clip, Clemson runs the Post Wheel combination against Ohio State. Ohio State’s answer to the jet sweep is to bring the corner off the edge when they see the jet and play the safety over the top. This allows the Tight end to go right by him down the sideline. The Safety is occupied by the Post which gives the QB a clean hole shot to the hole route down the sideline.

The last clip is from a high school team that I coached. This one illustrates the check down element. This was in a quarterfinal game and was a big play that helped us win the game. The team we were playing was a very good cover 4 team and you can see how well they play the post and the LB does a good job turning and running with the wheel. This clears out the flat for our player who just faked the jet and our QB checks it down to him for a big gain. This is the third option to this play.

As you can see this is a very effective concept that can be run at any level. Its a staple in every option teams package because it counters that aggressive force player flying down for the pitch against the option. That is the same philosophy with teams doing this off the jet sweep action.

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