Tackle Trap RPO With a Bang Post

Tackle Trap RPO With a Bang Post

The Tackle Trap play is a great way to attack a 3-4 defense because you get 2 good double teams with angles. By adding a Bang Post as a run-post option you also have a way to account for the unblocked safety if he flies down in run support. As you can see in the diagram above the C/RG double the nose to the backside LB, the RT/TE double the DE to the playside linebacker, the LG back blocks the backside DE and the LT trap pulls for the overhang OLB. As you can see the run play has great angles and double teams against a 3-4 front. The safety then is the extra hat so the Z receiver to the right runs a 5 step bang post. If the safety flies down the QB will hit the post behind him. If he stays back, the QB gives it to the running back you will follow the tackles block.

The first clip below shows the QB pulling and throwing the bang post behind the safety. The safety doesn’t fly down but he is definitely low and flat footed.

Here is a tight angle that really shows the QB’s eyes on that safety. This view also shows that their is a hat on a hat with this run scheme which helps protect the QB.

In this next clip the QB determines that the safety is still high so gives it to the RB this time for 4 yards.

The next two clips are from a double tight formation but the blocking upfront and the reads are exactly the same. In both clips the safety stays high which results in big gains for the RB.

This post is another illustration of how the RPO tag gives you a chance to always be right post snap and to always match the numbers in the box and get a hat on a hat in the run game. I wrote a similar post on this play using the inside zone running scheme so check that one out as well, but the tackle trap is a great scheme vs a 3-4 team.

If you like RPO’s make sure to watch some 2016 Memphis games and follow Notre Dame’s 2017 team because offensive coordinator, Chip Long, incorporates them into most of his run game. Notre Dame should be fun to watch this year as they will spread the ball out to everyone and play with some tempo!

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